We’re here to help you grow

Our network includes a US warehouse, customs clearance agents, and contracts with several trucking and rail lines stateside.  We’re also on the Amazon Partnered Carrier system.  We can get your items stateside for an amazing price, ensuring the ability for you to grow your business.

  1. Door to door shipments
  2. Shipments to our US Warehouse
  3. Warehouse storage facilities in our US warehouse

Other Services:

  • E-Commerce Photography
  • Consulting
  • Amazon Listings
  • Packing services for shipments
  • Labeling and paperwork for amazon and exportation

Consignment selling on amazon.com

It’s never been this easy.  We’ll pick up your goods, photograph and register them, barcode them, package them, ship them, handle their paperwork, sell them, handle all deliveries and customer relations.   You’re paid every month.    This frees you up to do what you’re best at:  making great products, and allows us to focus on what we’re best at:  your supply chain.

Our clients typically experience 30% profit margins above the wholesale costs.

Put our Experience to Work For You