Amazon: “What is FBA”- EN


FBA is shortened from Fulfillment By Amazon in which the seller sends products to be stored within Amazon Warehouses ready to be shipped
and taken care of by amazon.

Using the Amazon FBA Program is a great way to grow and expand your business 



When an order is placed Amazon will pack and deliver your order direct to the customer

All customer services are taken care of for  you by Amazon including returns and refunds

By being part of the FBA program, this enitles you to be able to make your product available to Amazon Prime Members 



Being part of the FBA program, Amazon seperates expenses into the following categories:



Calculated by volume per month

(FBA Fulfillment Fees)

Calculated by each individual piece


Shipping and delivery costs to the customer


We reccomend to mark up your base price by 5 in order to be able to all costs and make a profit. 
For more information about selling on Amazon FBA, at Terrestrial we are happy to answer

your questions and also offer to consign your products!