5 Common Bacteria That Lead to Food Poisoning.

Everyone has experienced the unpleasant feeling of food poisoning, whether it be at home or on vacation. Often times the symptoms are extreme nausea, fatigue and being explosive; in most cases from both ends. There are certain foods to be cautious around that are often carriers of the bacteria that cause food poisoning.  Most people often mistake the bacteria names for different types of food poisoning, saying things like ” I don’t want salmonella!” When actually, Salmonella is the bacteria that is not so friendly to your body, not a cold or disease to catch. All the following bacteria cause food poisoning but on what level is another story.


The carrier: Eggs, processed chicken parts and other raw meat are particularly good at spreading the bacteria, pet reptiles and rodents are also carriers.

Avoid: Chicken that hasn’t been cooked through properly or utensils, kitchen counters and chopping boards that haven’t been thoroughly cleaned.

We recommend using a plastic cutting board for meats as they do are easier to clean but if you prefer a butchers block, or cutting boards made from wood. make sure to clean thoroughly  with hot water, dry in the sun or keep from dark moist places but also to take care of your wooden products with a board wax or oil

We recommend Roro board wax as they only use natural ingredients, with only coconut oil and beeswax


The carrier: Raw or improperly pasteurized dairy products, vegetables grown in contaminated soil , preserved and smoked meats , canned and raw seafood and fresh fruit.

Avoid: Think anything that has a fishy slimy or sour taste, hams that have the slimy film or milk that looks a little chunky. Seafood is a difficult one as it already has a fishy smell but if you poke into the meat and it appears to have a “loose” texture stay away from it


This type of bacteria is a true threat as the symptoms are like food poisoning but the catch is that symptoms can last up to MONTHS

The carrier: Reef fish, fish that have live and breed near barrier reefs, the actual bacteria however grow on the coral reefs that the fish feed on thus infecting them.

Avoid: Going to the islands and not knowing what fish you are eating.

Campylobacter enteritis

The more common bacterial infection, this strand of bacteria is what usually upsets many peoples tummy’s

The carrier: Improperly slaughtered or processed meat that  had not been prepared properly contaminated vegetables, milk or water.

Avoid: Not thoroughly cleaning your food when having raw vegetables and ensure that the meat you cook comes from a trusted source. Always think to yourself, the least ingredients the better, the more home cooked meals are best.


The mother of bacteria l strands. This one is the most lethal, as in it has the capability to kill you and no amount of antibiotics will save you. The chances of getting it are low unless you live in a questionable area with no sources of food de-contamination and the slaughterhouse is in the middle of an crowded music festival with the food processor drinking raw contaminated milk at the time of preparing the food that you ate. 

The carrier: Mass-processed ground beef and on vegetables that were improperly cleaned or handled by contaminated fingers.

Avoid: Raw mass processed ground beef burgers at questionable crowded pool areas

When it all comes down to it sanitation is key, make sure to wash your hands properly before eating because sometimes the food you eat may be clean but your fingers and utensils may not be.

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