Amazon Seller Guide: Using the fulfillment calculator

Once you have decided to sell on amazon, if you have decided to sell as an independent seller and use the fulfillment option that Amazon provides; We recommend using the fulfillment calculator to get an estimate on how much amazon will take in commissions for selling your product

Heres a step by step Guide

Open up this link here :
Then type in B007CK1MEY into the “Find my Product” Box

FBA calculator sample
Pay absolutely no attention to the Bowling Paradise picture or name. That is there simply as a fill in for your actual product

Once that page has opened up in the product dimension fill the boxes i according to your own product that will possibly be the next big hit on Amazon. Don’t forget to go by Length X Depth X Height

We know it is stated in the picture but just one more time for good measure, everything is in inches! Once the dimensions are filled in, pounds isn’t for pounds sterling but the weight in pounds. Now if you have the weight in kg or grams. 1kilo is 2.2 pounds.

Example your product is 9 kg 9 X 2.2 = 20 Pounds but then again if you’re in front of a computer an easy google search will also do.

Terrestrial - calculate FBA Fees

Once all the details about the product is filled in press calculate and the figure that appears next to fulfillment by Amazon Fees is what can be expected of us, the product seller, to Amazon.

Super simple and to the point but many people fail to factor in the fulfillment fees or to “think about it later” when you can save yourself a whole lot of stress and trouble by preplanning it first!

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