What is an online sales funnel?

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In today’s era, online presence holds a substantial role. Going online to find out information has now become top choice rather than asking a person or opening a book. Which is probably why you are here right now. Before we get into the meaning of a sales funnel, there are a few more definitions we need to go through first.

Let’s start with Facebook, most companies will have a Facebook page; if not we recommend you do in order to up your “Reach”.

Reach: The total number of unique individuals who see your content online, and is more or less organic

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Note; Keeping in mind that having a Facebook page and having a good amount of followers, (a ball park figure for small businesses or new companies at 200-1000 likes on Facebook) does not ensure that your “reach” number will be the same as your following because not all of your followers will go out searching to look through your content.

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Impressions: The total number of times that content was delivered directly to a persons feed and they scrolled past it. Impressions will count based on content placement.

If content is shared through your friends and you find yourself scrolling past it on your feed for the 5th time, the impression count will count in 5 times.

Clicks or click-through: When users will open up content or individual products pages for more information. Or click through a hyperlink that leads them to a commercial website

Say for instance you are scrolling online at your preferred social media site and see a video for a gadget, you’ve scrolled past it a few times and for the 5th time you open up the video to watch it. Then press through to the link that is the online shop that sells the item you were just watching.

Conversion: The act of purchasing a product or service after seeing an add and clicking through.

Conversion is where we all want our content viewers to end up, as our customers right? Through out all the definitions explained above this leads us to the online sales funnel

online sales funnel

Stage 1

Generating leads, this is the initial content placement and ad creation.

Stage 2

When click-through occurs to move potential customers from content to website.

Stage 3

Creating a strategy to follow up on potential customers to convert potential to current

Stage 4

The final step in customers finally making a purchase

The reason why it is called a sales funnel is simple because through out each step process, the amount of people lowers and becomes more specific. It is recommended that at the end of a set amount of time to return back to your target market and see if it matches up with the customers who made purchases to see if you can further improve your content creation.

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