Whats the Amazon Hub Locker?

amazon hub locker

Do you ever so slightly obsessively check the tracking of a package that you’re eager to receive to not be home when it arrives and then miss that opportunity to recieve it?

I’m pretty sure we aren’t alone in this and it happens daily all over. Amazon, being the geniuses they are devised and created a way around this with the “Amazon Hub Locker”

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Instead of asking our neighbors to keep an eye out for the post and accepting our packages most likely violating a whole bunch of rules in the process; you can now have your amazon purchased dropped off at a locker “hub”

A shared space within your area that is taken care of and managed by amazon so that you are in control of your deliveries and can go and receive them at your convenience

You won’t have to worry about looking awful at the door to get your parcel or worrying about whether or not your neighbors are going to “take care” of your package for you. So many scenarios we could go on an on!

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Amazon Hub Locker is now available ” In more than 900 cities and towns across the U.S. Amazon Lockers are strategically located in convenience stores, grocery stores, apartment buildings, and malls ”

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Another bonus is you can also make your returns at the hub locker ” you can drop it off at a Locker regardless of where it was originally delivered. “

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