5 Things You Should Know About Amazon Packaging

When selling online, especially through online channels such as Amazon, there are specific rules and regulations you must follow to do with packaging, in our previous post we give 5 tips on how to create brand awareness ( You can read that here) and add an extra touch to impress your customers.

Amazon Packaging Regulations

Amazon has it’s own set of rules and regulations that expand far and wide on specifically how products should be sent into amazon FBA warehouses and sold online via amazon.com. You can read about the rules in detail here

For amazon product restrictions you can read more information here

For specific amazon shipping rules and restrictions you can read more information here

We’ve put together top 5 mistakes that new sellers tend to make with packaging when selling on amazon.com

1. Incentives

Amazon is very particular about not allowing any form of incentive to bring the customer back for a repurchase. Packaging in any form which can be either tape, paper wrapping, boxes, coupons or inserts cannot include a discount code or any form of communication through to the customer. For example, any product box cannot have a discount code inside or a reward card

2. Pulling Customers Away

FBA sellers have to follow another rule with product packaging. This is that there cannot be any form of text placed anywhere on the packaging which can encourage customers to move away from amazon.com and onto their own personal website.

Example: “check out more products at example.com”

3. Warnings | Labels

US Law specifies that all products should have the following two types of labels

  • Country of Origin
  • Choking Hazard Warnings

This does not include specific requirement labels for individual products such as food/consumer goods, electrical goods, children’s products and clothing all of which have their own individual labels that have their own requirements by US Law

4. Bar codes

Bar codes should be positioned in a clear readable manner

It is best to ensure that bar codes are positioned correctly on a flat surface of the box or packaging and is not twisted or curved, nor is it too small for a bar code reader to read

Bar codes must not and cannot be positioned on the edge of the box

5. Product Safety within Package

As an FBA seller, you should be aware of the fact that almost 9 out of 10 times, your product will be dropped on the floor. Hence taking extra precaution within your own packaging before sending to amazon warehouses is crucial to ensure that your customer receives a product that isn’t destroyed on the transportation journey

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